Future Prospects for Graduates

Among the departments of Communication in Taiwan, only the New Media and Communication Administration Department at MCU takes aim at the mega trend identified in recent surveys. The development of New Media and Communication Administration Department research and teaching focuses on Cloud Computing, Data Analysis, Social Marketing, E-business, Value-added Digital Content, Digital Storytelling, Multimedia Applications, Media Financial Analysis, Media Human Resources Planning, Media Marketing Analysis, Communication Policy and Regulations. Our graduates have the opportunity for further study at related graduate schools and to earn professional certificates in Communication Marketing, Website Design, Media Design, Advertising Design and Flow Analysis. After graduation, our students are qualified for positions such as media human resources administrator, media financial planning administrator, media editing and interviewing administrator, multimedia promotion planner, website multimedia designer, marketing planner, public relationship planner, activity designer, advertising planner, graphic designer, packaging designer, exhibition designer, commercial photographer, digital editor, computer animation artist, website designer, multimedia designer, venue manager, digital marketer or e-business person.